Stucchi, Vesta, Alfa, Cast ( Authorised Indian Representative )

Tooling Division

Our range of products include Moulds For Elastomer Plastic Components, Resin Coated Upper & Lower Punches, Resin Coated Special Design Punches, Liners Carbide Inserts, Isostatic Punches and Dies For Sheet Metal Components.

Moulds For Elastomer Plastic Components

This has been our core strength right from the beginning. We can manufacture all types of moulds.

Resin Coated Upper & Lower Punches

The punches are manufactured from hardened steel or C-45 steel with wear resistant material welded on the edges. These punches are ground and finally covered with a layer of special resin.

Resin Coated Special Design Punches

We have an array of over four hundred rustic designs and many more are being developed every day. We use latest Laser Equipment for scanning minute details and use this cloud of information through a software, for three-dimensional CNC machining. This technique is also successfully used for Reverse Engineering for production of plastic and other components.

Other products:

  • Sheet Metal Components Dies
  • Industrial Shed Fabrication
  • Steel Bushings
  • Isostatic Punches